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Camera with style of iOS 9

Developer: Gulajava Ministudio

Camera with style of iOS 9, new and fresh for your phone. For new camera style, this is something you should try.Style, layout and color of new camera is something you can see is the highlight of this app. Some function is added just like ìphone camera. Swipe left or right to change mode like video recording, photo and square photo. Camera with style of iOS 9 is an camera app when you don’t want to use default camera. The app is a simulated version of íPhone 6s camera. We have brought something new of ĩPhone 6s to this app. The camera is designed with style of IOS9. You can take picture whenever and wherever you want. So let give it a try for this Camera with style of iOS 9Highlight features:- Stylist, beautiful and professional filter like mono, fade, noir…- Cool Design of brand new ỉPhone6s camera - Many functions as Ios 9 camera- Record video to take moment as Ios9- Selfie with front camera so you can have best to post online- Fast taking picture, less than 1s. - Small size but high quality camera ìphone6s- See picture after taking right at the left bottom of the screen as you usually see in phone with iOS9 style- Flash has on/off option for user - Set time capture iPhone 6s with 3 options: off, 3sec and 10 sec- Not as heavy as even an image. Very light weightHow to use this app:Open the app and choose to use to take picture or record video. Choose filter and photo mode and ejnoyHave fun using Camera with style of iOS 9